Scissors have so many uses, from cutting wrapping paper to trimming flowers, slicing through paper to use in crafts such as embroidery and knitting. Having a good pair of scissors is necessary and if you don't have one or you need to replace your current cutters, you should check out the scissors and shears manufactured by Dahle. Dahle is a German company and is primarily known for their first-rate paper shredders, however they also make some of the best cutting tools money can bimetallic screw barrel buy. Here are three of their great pairs of scissors. Read all about them so you can decide if one will work for you.

1.) The 5-Inch Vantage Comfort-Grip Shears (40025). If you've ever sat and used a pair of scissors for any length of time, you probably found that your hand got tired and cramped after a while. One way to get around that is by using something such as the 40025, a pair of scissors that is ergonomically friendly and even has a soft rubber coating on the handles for your comfort. The blades of these shears are honed from stainless steel that won't rust and they have a double ground edge so you can cut thicker materials. If the 5-inch pair is too small for you, you'll be glad to know that Dahle makes these shears in 6" and 8" lengths as well.

2.) The 4-Inch Professional Paper Scissors (50044). twin screw barrel When buying cutting tools, one thing you should look for are blades made from Solingen steel. It's a very durable and sharp type of metal that's ideal for scissors. The 50044 has blades made from this material and they've even be hardened to 56 Rockell, so they're high-quality and can be used for precision cutting. The handles of these shears is made from ABS plastic, a very tough material that's almost unbreakable. This product comes in other lengths in addition to the 4-inch model. Some lengths available include 8" and 10".

3.) The All-Around Super Shears (50038). This pair is the ultimate cutting tool. Like the 50044, the 50038 has Solingen steel blades with a hardness rating of 56 Rockwell. They're sharp and precise enough that you can use the tip for cutting. The blades are screw-fastened so you can tighten or loosen the screw as necessary. These shears are ideal for cutting a huge assortment of materials such as paper, cardstock, fabric, yarn, leather, and more. There's even a micro-toothed edge for use in such endeavors as hunting and cooking. The handles are made out of incredibly tough ABS plastic, making these shears some of the strongest ones around.

As you can see, Dahle makes some incredible scissors and shears that are good for all kinds of cutting purposes. Whether you're looking for comfort, precision, or versatility, Dahle cutting tools have them all. They even come in different lengths so you can find the pair that just right for you. So get a pair of these fantastic, high-quality shears today so you can start cutting!